Announcing version 2 of the Stoplight API Tools

Version 2 of the Stoplight tool is available in public beta starting today. You can start using it at v2 is chock full of new features, some of which are described below. The beta will run until August 1st.

Five months ago, on the heels of our v1 launch, the Stoplight team sat down to sketch out what the next version of our tools would look like.

Ultimately, we decided on:

  • Expanded lifecycle tools.
  • Better team and collaboration features.
  • More comprehensive hosted documentation options.

I'm happy to announce that v2 accomplishes all three goals in spades. Below, I will outline some of the new features and systems. See the the bottom of this post for a more comprehensive list of major additions and changes.

API Lifecycle Expansion

From the earliest days of Stoplight, the intention was to always be a lifecycle product. To date, we have focused all of our resources on the design/modeling phase of the lifecycle. We firmly believe that a design first approach is the best way to create and manage APIs. In addition, a strong design foundation opens up opportunities for more powerful tooling further up the API lifecycle.

To reflect this expansion out of design, Stoplight now lives at instead of


Version 2 of Stoplight is built around discrete modules, each of which represents a part of the API lifecycle. The majority of these modules can be used independently, but are most powerful when used together. The modules that are part of the v2 beta are:

  • HTTP Requests: To send and debug API requests.
  • Design: To model and describe your API.
  • Testing: Leverage your API designs to test your API.
  • Documentation: To share your API with the world, or privately with a few.

We have built significant cross-play between these modules. Some of the ways they work together are:

  • Create tests from HTTP requests.
  • Send a test http request from an endpoint in the design module.
  • Create designs from HTTP requests.
  • Create tests from API designs.
  • Send HTTP requests from your hosted documentation.

More than 6 months in the making, we are extremely excited to announce our testing product! You will find a dedicated testing module in the Stoplight app.


  • Powerful contract testing of Swagger specs, and JSON Schema.
  • Request chaining, custom assertions, custom scripting (via JS).
  • Design tests visually in the Stoplight app, run them locally (with the desktop app), remotely, or completely offline via the terminal and Prism.
  • Integrate with your CI process in a matter of minutes.
  • Built around a test.json specification, that we'll be detailing soon. Optionally attached to Swagger specs with the x-tests extension.

There is simply too much to talk about in this post. We will be publishing follow-up posts dedicated to the testing module soon!


Several new systems have been added to better support teams and collaboration in Stoplight.

Commit System

Change tracking is one of the most requested features, and the new commit system is our solution to this request. The commit system is a lightweight alternative to full fledged git integration (which is coming soon), built into Stoplight. It allows you to save changes to your resources at will, over time, and rollback or commit those changes when you're ready. Committing a resource creates a snapshot of it in time, and adds an entry to the commit history. All team members can view the history of commits for a resource, and view or rollback to a previous commit.

Recent Activity

Building on top of the commit system, the recent activity feed lists all the recent actions performed on the resource (or resources) relevant to the page that you are looking at. It gives a snapshot of what's happening, so that everybody on the team is on the same page, and aware of changes. This bubbles up to the home screen, where you can see at a glance what recent changes have been made to all of the APIs that you have access to.

Workspace Billing

One subtle but meaningful change is that billing is no longer attached to a workspace, but rather to a user (with organization support coming soon). This lets you have multiple workspaces under the same billing profile. Since workspace members only have access to APIs within that workspace (controlled by their role), you can use workspaces as an additional organizational unit. You could create a workspace for each team at your company, giving that team write access to manage their APIs. You could then add non-team members as guests, so that everybody can see all of the company APIs, but only manage those related to their team.

This change adds more flexibility when deciding how to organize your APIs and members.

Hosted Documentation

Three months ago we released as the simplest (and free) way to turn any Swagger or RAML file into hosted API documentation. We also added a light integration into Stoplight, so that you could publish your Stoplight managed APIs to the world through API Docs. With v2, we have significantly beefed up our API Docs integration, and broken it up into two parts. Besides quality of life improvements like live preview, there are lots of new features.

Standard Docs

The standard tier includes all of the features available in the v1 API docs integration. It remains free, and is perfect for those that don't need additional customization options in their API Docs.

PRO Docs

The PRO tier is a paid option that adds a lot of new functionality to API Docs. Some of the highlights:

  • Custom domains (with optional https support).
  • Embed-ability.
  • Custom CSS/JS.
  • Optional HTTP Basic Auth, to password protect your published docs.
  • Google/Segment analytics integration.
  • Custom user variables.

We will continue to add features and publish options to API Docs over time - if you have a request, please let us know!


To support our expansion into other parts of the API lifecycle, we are updating our pricing model. The new model expands on the member based pricing in version 1, with flexible a la carte options built around our new modules. If you have any questions or concerns about this pricing update, we'd love to chat - please send an email to [email protected]

Our new billing system includes much more robust invoicing.

Design & Test
If you are managing less than 25 resources, our design and testing tooling remains free. If you have more than 25 resources, our design tooling now costs a nominal monthly fee of $9.

The standard documentation tier remains free. Our new PRO tier (which includes NEW features not present in v1) costs $79/month, for an unlimited number of published APIs (within your design & test resource limits).

The effective per member cost of our teams support has been reduced from $8/member to $5-3/member, depending on the chosen team plan.

This pricing structure is flexible enough to grow with Stoplight as we continue to add products in other parts of the API lifecycle.

Additional Features

Besides the large systems described above, there are hundreds of other new features and improvements landing in v2. Here are some of them:

  • Tag support. Tag resources, versions, and APIs, to better organize them. Works with Swagger & RAML.
  • CRUD Builder. Describe your model, and Stoplight will put together the 5 basic endpoints for that model, with best practices in mind.
  • Quickly send requests without a workspace or API selected. These requests are stored locally, on your computer.
  • Saved requests. Save and organize specific requests, to describe common workflows or use later.
  • Product changes feed.
  • Resource filters.
  • Bulk editors.
  • Dedicated mock servers per API.
  • Full screen editors.
  • Testing module.
  • Commit system.
  • Recent activity system.
  • Live preview for the documentation module.
  • Redesigned home screen that exposes more information about the APIs and workspaces you have access to.
  • Automatic billing invoicing, with PDFs.

We are incredibly excited about this release, and what's to come over the next six months. Your feedback is important to us - send us an email or in-app chat!

Marc, Chris, Tom, and Vazha