Come Meet Us at APIStrat in Austin This Week!

The StopLight team will rockin it at APIStrat in Austin this week. If you're in town, come say hi - we'd love to chat! @marbemac and @pytlesk4 will be there on Thursday and Friday - find us in the purple shirts.

In addition, our CEO, Marc, will be speaking on the intersection of API design and testing tomorrow (Thursday), at 1:30ish. Abstract below.

More than ever before, companies are using specifications like Swagger, RAML, and JSON Schema, as a single point of truth for their APIs. They build documentation, examples, SDK, and mocking services off of these definitions. It is critical that these definitions are kept up to date, and in sync, with the API they describe. In this session, we'll discuss the idea of "contract testing". It's time to start thinking about API testing in more than one direction. Instead of writing tests that tell you if your api works or doesn't work, we can write systems that use your API definitions as a contract, and test that they accurately represent your API, and your API reflects them (and is working).