Dynamic Layouts, and Bulk Editing

Dynamic Layouts

The Stoplight app presents a LOT of data on the screen at once. One of the challenges we face as UI architects is how to best organize this data, especially across different screen sizes and workflow preferences. Today we are releasing a new rendering engine that lets us answer YES to the all too common question "Can I make the sidebar larger?".

Our new rendering engine allows for dynamic layouts. Now you can move and resize the main parts of almost every editor in Stoplight. Want the main content area to be on the left, or to stack your resource list and action area? No problem. To help out, we provide some basic layout ideas via the new "Layouts" button in the top right of most screens. Of course, you can fine tune any layout manually, via the drag handles in the top right of sections, or the resize handles located in the bottom left.

Your layout choices are persisted to your user account, so that you can personalize Stoplight to fit your screen and workflow preferences.

Additionally, each module maintains it's own preferences, so that you can setup the test screens differently from the design screens if you like.

Dynamic layouts on the requests module.

Bulk Editing

Another long requested feature is bulk editing. In version 2, most items in the left sidebar now have a checkbox that appears when hovering over them. Select this checkbox to bring up the bulk editors. Shift click down the list to select many items at once, and then bulk apply tags, traits, create tests, delete items, and more.

Consistent Editors

Today's update brings a more consistent editor experience to the Stoplight app. Now, almost every editor has a table of contents pinned to the top, so you can at a glance see the various sections available to edit. Additionally, almost every editor section is collapsable, expandable to full screen mode, and contains actions in it's title bar. We have also decreased the font-size a bit, and reduced spacing to pack more into your visible screen.

This design is much more consistent across modules and editors.

We hope that you enjoy these improvements!

The Stoplight Team