Introducing a web version of the API Designer

We began our private beta last week, and have gotten a tremendous amount of feedback - thank you!

While we launched on OS X only, today we're excited to announce a shiny new web version of the designer! Now you can easily invite team members who are not on OS X, and access your definitions on the go from any computer.

The web version and the app version of the tool are synced in real-time, so your team is free to mix and match both. At the moment, the main difference between the web version and the app version is that the app can run and manage a local instance of the Prism API Proxy on your computer. This enables advanced features such as API Discovery, and access to local web servers.

If you have not requested an invite yet, head on over to and request one! We'll be ramping up the number of invites we send out over the next few weeks.