Introducing Locally Stored Requests

Sometimes, companies and developers are wary of passing private API traffic and credentials through 3rd party servers. We hear you!

Earlier this week we changed the behavior of requests sent from the API Designer, through the local prism proxy. Now these requests are stored on your computer, and since they are passing through the local instance of prism, they never touch our servers at all. With this change, you get all the security of locally stored and processed requests, combined with the mocking, validation, logging, and transformation capabilities of Prism!

You can, of course, still send requests through the hosted instance of Prism. These requests are stored on our servers, and available to all members of the workspace for inspection / debugging.

Some notes:
1) Responses over 50kb will be shown to you when you make the request, but will not be permanently stored. If you reload the screen, you will need to resend the request to see the response.
2) FIFO: In the web version of the designer, once total local request storage has exceed 4mb, your oldest 50% of requests will be removed. In practice, this means you can store at least 80 requests at a time, if every request hits the 50kb limit perfectly. The OS X version has no such limitation.

Marc & The StopLight Team