Release v0.11.0

If you are using the app version, click StopLight -> Check For Updates in the osx menu bar. After 30 seconds or so it should ask you to restart.


  • Designer docs! The first draft of our designer docs is available in the designer. Simply click the documentation button in the footer, or any of the new ? icons sprinkled throughout the dashboard.
  • Re-organized editors UI. The goal with this ui update was to give more space to the main content by removing the middle editor sidebar, and to reduce the visual clutter on the page.
  • Schema namespace management. If you change a schema's namespace, the designer will automatically re-write all references to that schema namespace in all of your definitions.
  • Refreshed markdown renderer. Styles are more consistent, and there are several new markdown directives you can use in your descriptions. More info in the designer documentation.
  • Endpoint filter. Easily filter down your endpoint list by name and path.
  • Global mock option in environments. Toggle mocking on for all endpoints during the design phase, and then starting handling mocking on/off at the endpoint level as you implement the endpoints in your API.


  • In the app, external links now open in your default operating system browser instead of a new app window.
  • Endpoint list paths are no longer auto capitalized.
  • Several import/export bugs.