Release v0.11.1

If you're using the app version, click StopLight -> Check For Updates in the osx menu bar. After 30 seconds or so it should ask you to restart.


  • Grouping and filtering for schemas and functions (just like you can already do with endpoints).
  • Improved performance when rendering extremely large endpoint lists. Schema namespace management. If you change a schema's namespace, the designer will automatically re-write all references to that schema namespace in all of your definitions.
  • New SL.sendRequest runtime function, to asyncronously trigger HTTP requests from within scripts. More info on this soon in the dedicated Prism documentation.


  • Issue saving utility functions and schemas is resolved.
  • Prism no longer removes the Accept header that is automatically added by cURL and web browsers.
  • Pasting content into a code editor now appropriately triggers the "save/undo" buttons in editors.