Update #1 - Proper versioning, improved documentation tools, and much more.

Today, we're thrilled to deploy a massive update! This update includes proper api versioning support, free-form text sections (for documentation), improvements to the JSON schema editor, fixes to Swagger/OAI export, and much more.

On the web @ https://designer.stoplight.io, and on OS X @ https://download.stoplight.io. Major points of this release described below:

API Designer

  • [feature] API versioning. Clone, copy, and manage multiple versions for each API in the designer.
  • [feature] Added a new resource type - free form markdown documentation sections.
  • [feature] Mix, match, and group resource types in the new documentation section - this includes models, endpoints, and documentation sections.
  • [feature] Dedicated URL Parameter section in the endpoint editor.
  • [feature] Description field in the JSON schema editor grows.
  • [feature] Display descriptions and validations in the JSON schema viewer.
  • [feature] Group selector in editors. This is more efficient than drag and drop when your list of endpoints/models is long.
  • [feature] Pretty print exported swagger/oai json.
  • [fix] Numerous fixes and improvements to swagger/oai export.

Prism Proxy

  • [feature] In endpoint discovery, identify emails in url parameters.
  • [feature] Validate form bodies, url encoded bodies, headers, and query strings.