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We just celebrated our 50th episode of the API Intersection Podcast, and we’re coming up on two years of episodes filled with expert advice, industry trends, and important conversations on all things APIs. In honor of two years of the podcast, enjoy this highlight reel from some of our top guests and the advice they have to share. 

“It’s been an exhilarating two years of doing the podcast, and I’m grateful for the guests and co-hosts we’ve had over that period that have made it amazing. I always like to say that each episode is a ‘little something different’, and it truly has been each and every time. Thank you to our community of listeners,” shares CTO and API Intersection host Jason Harmon. 

Last year, we celebrated with a bonus episode covering the major insights from global API practitioners and turned those insights into a full-on ebook to help other API program leaders to scale with ease. Download your copy of the API Roadmap ebook here to learn more. 

A huge thank you to all the stellar guests we’ve interviewed these past two years, including:

  • API Industry Experts: Ikenna Nwaiwu (10X Future Technologies), James Higginbotham (Launch Any), Brenton House, Software AG, Erik Wilde (Axway), Mathias Biehl (API University), Arnaud Lauret (Postman), Keith Casey (Ngrok), Matthew Reinbold (Concentrix Catalyst), and Claire Barrett (APIs First), Olivia Califano (Bridgewater Associates), Barb MacLean (Coastal Community Bank), Charles Araujo (The Digital Experience Report), Shanae Chapman (the Nerdy Diva). 
  • Enterprise API Program Leaders: Daniel David (Wells Fargo), Dilip Kirshnan (Oracle), Jayadeba Jena (Paypal), Tanya Vlahovic (eBay), Steve Sfartz (Cisco), and John Musser (Ford), Brandon Linton & Erin Nielsen (SVB), Wesley Beary (previously Salesforce), Sachin Castelino (In-Solutions Global), Rizel Scarlett (Github)
    • Technology Change-Makers: Lorinda Brandon (BetterCloud), Travis Gosselin (SPS Commerce), Aleksei Akimov (Monite), Sophie Rutard (Allianz Trade), Jeff Schneider (Asana), Jon Parise (Pinterest), and Sally Eaves (Advisor).
  • API-First & Startup Company Leaders: Eric Yu (Rutter), Behailu Tekletsadik (Archetype), Andrei Soroker (Fogbender), David O’Neill (APIMetrics), Daniel Kocot (Codecentric AG), Gil Feig (Merge), Mathieu Rasse (Meta API), Gleb Polykoav (Nylas), Giora Engel (Neosec).

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