Ready to start collaborating on API design in real time?

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Want to work synchronously without creating conflicts in the same Project?

Need to bring in stakeholders earlier into the API development process?

Want to get feedback quickly and easily on your designs in a git-less environment?

Now, integrate a Google Docs-like Stoplight Studio experience directly into your workflow with the latest release, Real-Time Projects.

Design First

Use Stoplight Studio to ideate a greenfield API, collaborate on design, and get feedback in a more synchronous workflow, all in a lightweight git-less environment.

Support How You Work

Businesses operate in an increasingly distributed workforce. Access and collaborate on Studio Projects, no matter where you’re located. The Real-Time Projects feature makes quickly creating and collaborating around non-git projects possible. Now, you’re unrestricted to the browser or the computer the project was created on.

Previously, Stoplight Local Projects could only be edited by the creator from the browser where the project was created. So if it was created on Chrome, only the creator could edit it from Chrome and not from, for example, Safari or Firefox. Other workspace members couldn’t open the project in Studio, make changes to it, or submit those changes for others to see.

Design Together

Work together with colleagues and stakeholders right in Stoplight Studio without conflicts. Now, multiple members can work on a project at the same time, seeing others’ cursors and member icons as they’re interacting with Studio.

Share read-only versions of the project with other members. As you work with your teammates to discuss a project, you can both see the content being changed live, leading to more fluid discussions and collaboration.

Real-Time Projects Markdown Editing

Real-Time Projects Markdown Editing

Real-Time Projects Code Editing

Real-Time Projects Code Editing

Save Time

Cut out the friction of asynchronous feedback. Get immediate feedback on your API designs with a shared workspace. And with an unlimited version history, get a complete view of all of your changes without having to hunt them down.

This release aims to improve your workflow and save time so you can get back to designing APIs. In addition to the Real Time Projects feature, the latest release includes more streamlined UI, easier settings navigation, increased sharing capabilities, and more Git integrations.



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