Get Organized with Workspace Groups

  • Anna Daugherty
    Anna Daugherty
    September 30 2021

Group API Projects for Better Workspace Management 

Does your Stoplight workspace ever feel like this?

Gif of man frantically connecting things

If you have many API projects in your workspace, the new Groups release could help.

Group API projects from across your organization in order to promote visibility, standards, and reuse. Now, organizations with many projects and users can manage people and projects at scale.

Be the Owner You Were Meant to Be

Workspace Owners can now take full control of their workspace. As an Owner, you can finally manage every aspect of every project in Stoplight. Use your powers for good to set up Groups, manage members, and control your API catalog as you see fit.

Customize Your Workspace

Make your Stoplight Workspace work for you. Group projects together by theme, business need, and internal or external use. Join groups and projects you're interested in or responsible for to pin them on your sidebar. Save time and use Stoplight Platform more efficiently to create a scalable, robust API program. 

gif showing how to create a group

Empower Your Team

Add team members to groups and assign projects to a group. Users can easily self-serve projects that they need to join. Cut out the hassle of having to invite team members to multiple projects individually.

Better Access Control

Give users access to Groups quickly and easily. Invite them all as editors to a single Group via bulk email invite. 

Control Group (and Project) Visibility

Make a group Public to better communicate the relationships of your APIs to the outside world. Or if you want to ensure that a project can't become public, then put it in an Internal group to lock it down to workspace members only.

What Early Access Testers Had to Say about Groups:

  • “Groups works very nicely. It will be useful for managing our multiple internal domains that are run by different teams.” - Early Access tester responsible for their API program

  • “When you have a lot of people collaborating on different APIs, Groups allows me to give permission to certain people for a whole group of APIs instead of individual API projects.” - Application Architect, Early Access tester starting an API program

Stop hunting for projects in your Workspace. Help your team get organized and added faster with Groups. Learn more about Groups in this documentation. 

Workspace Groups is now available at the Professional and Enterprise levels. Talk to our sales team to learn if Groups is right for your large organization.

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