Identify, Edit, and Streamline API Collaboration with Proposals!

Parin Shah
by Parin Shah on August 24, 2022 3 min read

Seeing changes to your API design projects in Stoplight just got a lot easier (and more useful!).

Finding it hard to discover and review API changes? Look before you leap! Efficiently identifying the recent changes on Stoplight no longer need to look at multiple lines of YAML to see changes.

So what is a breaking change? When you make changes to your API, a breaking change is a change that may require you to make changes to your application in order to avoid disruption to your integration.

Don’t let breaking changes pass through the cracks. Detect them early in the development process.

Proposals give you a quick overview of current changes to your APIs. You can now automatically surface in-flight API Design and Documentation changes across all of your git-connected projects in your workspace.

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With the addition of the proposals, as well as enhanced user experience and design, you can now see recent API design changes at a glance or keep track of projects across your workspace. Quickly understand how an API has changed over time, highlight breaking changes, and find changes more easily in Stoplight.

Quickly understand what has changed in the design before publishing, see what has changed since last published, or compare what has changed from the base git branch or online project version.

proposals example

As for feedback from some of the early access customers, they’ve said:

“I generally like what I see in the Proposals concept. Tying together Git PRs, with the Proposals and Studio will be a great advantage over what we have today,” — Early access customer

“Overall, I really like the feature, it looks already super helpful! I really like that breaking changes are detected and explicitly flagged. I like that you can easily view the old and new schema,” — Early access customer

Learn more about the new proposal experience in our documentation. Have a feature that would enhance your Studio experience? Submit your idea to our roadmap. At Stoplight, we are dedicated and committed to providing the best API experience for our users. This feature is being actively improved, and we’d appreciate feedback from you.

Please take this survey to give us that feedback!

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