Introducing Style Guide Projects

Anna Daugherty
by Anna Daugherty on May 9, 2022 3 min read

Public style guides are available for Professional and Enterprise workspaces. Simply log into your workspace, click on the Governance tab, and look for Public Style Guides, then enable the rules you want to use.

The #1 goal of API Governance is consistency.

The larger an organization becomes the more APIs they will build and consume, and the more likely they are to want to create a cohesive platform.

“The API economy is booming and more and more companies are launching API-first platforms rather than products. With that comes the need to design an API that is consistent, reliable, well-documented, and easy to understand.” Source: Product Coalition

Because organizations use internal and third-party APIs with ownership sometimes distributed across multiple teams, it is important to establish a key set of rules. This is called an API Style Guide.

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Following the rules in a style guide will make your API designs more reliable, prevent duplicate code, improve developer experience, and speed up time to market with overall better-quality APIs.

But the big question is: how do you create a style guide that works?&

And how do you ensure your API program is consistent? A lot of people talk about the necessity, but few tools truly address the issue in a streamlined, easy-to-consume way.

That’s why we’re working to make consistency and governance easier with our roll-out of the first version of Style Guide Projects.

Easily create, share, enable, and apply standards across all of your API Designs to provide consistency, reusability, and better governance throughout your API Program.

Integrate error and validation checks directly into your API design workflow. Implement best practices or custom style guides across projects, business units, or workspace groups.

  • Create custom rules or enable Stoplight best practices

    7. Debug Rule (smallest)

  • Publish your Style Guide and share documentation

    4. Publish Style Guide (smallest)

  • Easily add Style Guides to any project

    1. Create Style Guide Project (smallest)

  • See errors and warnings directly in Stoplight
  • Manage and update Style Guides

    6. Update Style Guide in a API Project (smallest)

  • Display when Style Guides are updated

With this new feature, enable your team to:

  • Produce higher quality API designs with more consistency
  • Govern your API program at scale
  • Pass quality and security reviews more easily
  • Create a consistent, integrated Developer Experience
  • Get your API to market faster, better

Try out Style Guide Projects in all-new Workspaces. Full features including sharing and enabling Style Guides across your Workspace and API Projects are available in Pro and Enterprise Plans.

We will continue to add new features with your feedback. Try them out for yourself, learn more about the features in this Style Guide documentation, or contact our Sales team to get a demo.

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