Jira & Stoplight: Introducing Task Integrations

  • Bailey Gannett
    Bailey Gannett
    January 24 2023

For more on Discussions and our Jira integrations, click below. For a webinar demoing this feature, go here.

Learn More About Discussions

Where is the community of Jira lovers at? This one's for you.  *Mic Drop* 

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With our new Discussion featuring rolling out, we are pleased to also introduce a variety of task/issue management integrations within Stoplight, including Asana, Linear, and everyone’s favorite–Jira

Yes, you heard that right! Stoplight and Jira are now integrated, increasing operational efficiency and improving the entire API design review process from start to finish. 

For those who aren’t already on the Jira bandwagon, Jira is a proprietary issue-tracking product developed by Atlassian that allows bug tracking and agile project management. 

Combining Jira with our new Slack integration, your API design review process can now happen not only outside of the Stoplight Workspace to meet teams where they’re at, but it can also happen asynchronously. This saves time and money and eliminates the barriers to including all relevant stakeholders in your design process. 

“I can have a Discussion started in Stoplight on an API design review; then I can turn that into a Slack chat and associate tasks in Jira with it so that I don’t lose that critical conversation. It’s all stored in one place, which makes the whole review process really seamless,” shares Wil Kirwan, senior product manager.

If you want to set up this feature for yourself in Stoplight, here’s a quick play-by-play: 

task setup screenshot

jira screenshot 

task integrations examplejira meme

With a variety of task manager integrations now available in Stoplight, the possibilities are endless for asynchronous, smooth, and effective collaborations on your API Designs within Stoplight.

To learn more about our Jira integration, check out the documentation here. Or, if you’re seeking to understand our new Discussions feature to better, read this blog.

Discussions allows for commenting back and forth within Stoplight, tagging to pull in other relevant stakeholders, and a place to track relevant conversations on your design review. 

It’s time to get your Jira on! 


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