Mask On: Masking Now in Stoplight Platform!

Nauman Ali
by Nauman Ali on June 27, 2023 2 min read

The need for composability is greater now than ever, and APIs are at the center of that conversation for good reason. So, why not make the API design itself as composable, flexible, and reusable as possible too?

Early this year, we introduced Component Libraries in Stoplight Platform and showed you how to build reusable API component libraries for your organization. But–the reuse train didn’t stop there! We’re pleased to announce a new feature that takes the reusability of models to a whole new level (whether or not you use the Component Libraries feature!).

Introducing Masking

Stoplight’s new masking feature is a powerful tool for your API JSON schema models that allows you to reuse models with different variants, promoting modularity and reducing duplication. This feature provides a flexible and efficient way to modify JSON schema models without creating separate models.

In addition to that, here are some of the other benefits you can enjoy with our new masking feature:

Increased flexibility

With the masking feature, you can easily customize JSON schema models to fit specific requirements without having to create completely separate models or projects. This allows you to create more flexible and adaptable API projects that can easily accommodate changing needs.

flexbilitly screenshot

Enhanced efficiency

By reusing JSON schema models with different variants, you can reduce the time and effort required to create new models from scratch. This can help streamline the development process, increase productivity, and reduce development costs.

efficiency screenshot

Improved maintainability

By using masks to modify the model as needed, you can create a more maintainable API project. This reduces the likelihood of errors and inconsistencies and ensures that changes to the schema model are reflected consistently across all variants.

Better organization

With the masking feature, you can keep related JSON schema models organized and accessible in a single location, reducing clutter and making it easier to manage and maintain your API project.

organization screenshot

Overall, the masking feature offers several key benefits that can help developers create more flexible, efficient, and maintainable API projects. Whether you’re building a modular API with multiple OpenAPI files or need to customize JSON schema models to fit specific requirements, the masking feature can help you achieve your goals while reducing duplication and promoting reuse. Check out the documentation to learn more, or get started today by logging into your Workspace or getting started for free.

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