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You asked, we listened! Over the past several months we’ve received feedback that the time it took to clone repositories was too slow. So, we made changes and moved operations out of the browser and onto the server. We are pleased to share that by moving the 99th percentile to analyze operations timings from 86 seconds down to 31 seconds, we have successfully cut the time it takes to perform these operations down by two-thirds.

Illustrated below, you can see in the image representing the drastic difference in timing after moving git clone operations to the server.


Build Better and Save Time

Why do the numbers matter? Quantitative upgrades can sometimes go unnoticed, but our mission was to understand the customer journey, making work more efficient and faster. 75% of the time, these tasks are performed swiftly, and the process isn’t even noticeable to the users. The other 25% of the time, things are less than desirable-- waiting a minute and a half for a git repository to clone is a miserable experience. When this was brought to our attention,  we had to ensure we got it right. At Stoplight we are a design-first platform, putting the needs of both the current and prospective developers and end-users in mind. 

The decision to release the fix is the first step in an ongoing initiative to improve performance and the experience between git clients and Stoplight. As one of the most up-front ways that users see performance impacts when they are new to the product, speeding up the git clone process was a crucial improvement. 

Stay tuned for more upgrades, and if you ever have a suggestion for how we can improve, check out our Product Roadmap! Submit an idea, everything is a consideration at Stoplight!

Under Consideration - Stoplight Platform | Product Roadmap


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