Get Involved with Our Open-Source Initiatives & Giving Back 

This October, we’re celebrating open source. Yes, we have open-source tools, but let's also celebrate what open source means to the API community.  

“APIs would not be nearly as pervasive as they are without the impact of the open-source developer community. As the CTO and - before that a Stoplight user, I am excited to have the opportunity to continue to engage the open-source community and build on the API developments that have helped fuel a wave of business innovation,” shares Jason Harmon, CTO of Stoplight. 

Stoplight’s relationship and collaboration with the open-source community enabled us to develop several widely adopted tools now used by thousands of organizations: API mocking tool Prism, linting utility Spectral, and documentation tool Elements.

Complete a Stoplight Project Open-Source Pull Request = Plant 400 Trees!

During October, for those who contribute to our open-source pull requests on Elements, Prism, or Spectral, we will donate 400 trees in our Stoplight forest for every successfully merged pull request. Our goal is to get the community involved in our open-source tools and also give back! Check out our Ecologi Forest to see the trees you could plant, and learn how we offset the carbon footprint of every Stoplight employee and become a climate-positive workforce.

Here are the GitHub Issues you could contribute to:

If you’d like to discuss implementations or ideas for a pull request, swing by Stoplight Community Discord. You can use it to collaborate with other external contributors and chat with a bunch of the Stoplight engineers who hang out there too.

How Are We Celebrating Internally? Hacktoberfest of Course!

Since we are heavy users of (and supporters of) open-source here at Stoplight, our internal teammates are participating in Hacktoberfest too. We want to contribute to the tools we use more than we usually do, so we are offering our teammates 15 hours of company time during the month of October for contributing meaningful changes to open source projects that they love. We’ll share our efforts at the end of the month!

We hope you’ll celebrate Open-Source October with us this Fall! Tweet us @Stoplightio if you’re contributing, and we will share it. Let’s complete some pull requests and plant some trees!

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