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Anna Daugherty
by Anna Daugherty on July 6, 2021 4 min read

User experience is critical for product success. Good UX creates product loyalty, improves performance, and simply makes life easier for users. Learn about Noor, how she implements user interface and user experience design, and how she’s looking to build stronger products for customers.

How long have you been a product designer?

I joined Stoplight almost two months ago, as a Product Designer but I got my start in UX design two years ago. Product designers basically oversee the start to finish of a product, so it includes UX, UI, Interaction design, and other disciplines. I’m still a user advocate and doing everything in the UX Design process but here at Stoplight, I’m also involved in helping strategize for the success of our company.

What’s the difference between User Interface and User Experience design?

The difference between user interface design and user experience design is that user interface design is heavily focused on the visual experience. That means, looking at colors, typography, branding, the layout of UI components, creating style guides and design systems; basically anything that a user sees and interacts with on the front-end.

User experience focuses on the overall experience of the product from start to finish. UX designers will do research work to understand users and the product market, crafting personas, workflows, information architectures, and journey maps, as well as creating wireframes and prototypes that will later turn into interactive medium/high fidelity prototypes that can be tested for user feedback.

difference-between-UX-UI-Design The difference between UX/UI Design. Source:

What are the benefits of UI/UX design?

The benefit of UI design is that people will want to use your product when the interface is simple, easy to use, and aesthetically pleasing. So that means having consistency across the platform with color schemes, typography, and components.

The benefit of UX design is that you can create a product that is useful when you explore their wants and needs of your users by doing the research, conducting user interviews and usability test, crafting workflows and journey maps that will help your team understand the gaps in your product which will help create a better experience because you are addressing the issues your users are facing.

wipro-four-step-UX-design-process Wipro four-step UX design process. Source:

What are you hoping to bring to Stoplight?

I’m bringing a better user experience by getting to know our customers and our users, as well as understanding their pain points. I’m discovering what they’re going through and feeling while they’re using our platform and designing better experiences that will work for them.

Why is a better product experience important to users?

A better experience is important to our users because it lets them know that we care about their problems and what they’re trying to solve. It helps reinforce that we understand there’s a need for good UI/UX design practices, and we’re committed to continuous improvement.

Stoplight knew we needed someone dedicated to this need on our team, who can empathize with our users and who doesn’t just make the product but creates the product around their needs.

How are you hoping to develop good customer relationships?

I’m looking to develop customer relationships by getting to talk to our users and our customers; we have an open-door policy where you can share your roadmap ideas and feedback at any time.

What UI/UX updates are you excited about?

We’ve just refreshed the admin user experience in the Stoplight Platform. This was a popular item on our roadmap, so we’re excited to release it for everyone.

Now our users can enjoy an improved Workspace projects list screen with easier-to-navigate settings. You can now filter and sort projects and member lists, making them easier to use and more intuitive when there’s a large number of projects and members.

If you’re interested in getting in touch with us with your feedback or user experience requests, email or visit our roadmap.

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