Update #4

This update is focused on fixing bugs, import/export improvements, and JSON schema editor improvements.


  • [new] Auto populate model namespace based on model name.
  • [new] Added a user settings page.
  • [new] Better error messages on import fail.
  • [new] When publishing docs, replace <<variables>>.
  • [new] Add support for operationId in designer, swagger import, and swagger export.
  • [new] Add group names as tags to endpoints when exporting to swagger.


  • [fix] Better, smoother scroll behavior app-wide.
  • [fix] Replace pathParams correctly in request editor.
  • [fix] Group names, when changed, should update immediately in sidebar.
  • [fix] Endpoint discovery bug around the generation of groups.
  • [fix] Swagger export, handle file params in request body correctly.
  • [fix] JSON schema editor, cast default values to their types when converting to schema.
  • [fix] JSON schema editor, fix editing property enums validations.