Celebrating Hacktoberfest 2022

Nauman Ali
by Nauman Ali on October 6, 2022 5 min read

Contribute to the Open-Source Community

We’re jumping on Hacktoberfest this year! Hacktoberfest is an annual occurrence (originally started by Digital Ocean)that encourages developers to support projects they love and practice their coding skills by contributing to a variety of open-source projects in the developer community.

We have compiled a set of highly-requested issues on our various open-source tools (Spectral, Prism, and Elements) that users in the community have opened up these past few months. We would love the community’s help in closing these issues out by October 31st as a part of the Hacktoberfest initiative.

You can pick from the list below or check out all the open-source issues marked with “Hacktoberfest” here for Spectral, Prism, Elements, or for our OWASP Ruleset.

Spooky Spectral Issues

It may be spooky season, but there are no specters here, just Spectral issues! Spectral is our open-source JSON/YAML linter, which allows you to create style guides for your structured data, things like OpenAPI, AsyncAPI, RAML descriptions, and more.

  • Gitlab Code Quality: export the results to a Gitlab code quality report to see a summary of your code quality in the MR widget and the pipeline.
  • GitHub Annotation Formatter: Github annotation formatter would be a step forward for design reviews. “Right now, if you do design reviews, Spectral will annotate your code and tell you if there’s a problem. Currently, developers are often missing new Spectral warnings as they rarely check the logs of the Github action run manually,” shares Phil Sturgeon, Spectral community user.
  • Formatter Statistics: As a Spectral CLI user, we understand you’d like to see common offenders in a clearer way other than line by line. “Closing out the formatter statistics- would show users how many things you did right and how many things you did wrong,” shares Phil Sturgeon, Spectral community user. Stoplight product manager, Nauman Ali, agrees that this issue would be a “good step towards an API score.”
  • Docker Build M1 For Macs: As M1 Mac users can use a native Docker image instead of an emulated image for their architecture so that they can run Spectral more efficiently.
  • Exit Code 1 Fix: a small bug fix!
  • OAS3 Valid Content Example: This highly requested issue would ensure the OAS3 content example rule obeys the read-only/write-only property.

Possessed Prism Issues

If Prism is your favorite, pick one of the below issues to contribute to! Prism is an open-source HTTP mock server that can mimic your API’s behavior as if you already built it.

  • Support ARM64 Docker Environment: The goal here is to build and push docker images on the arm64 environment.
  • Add User-Agent when fetching remote OpenAPI documents: We have a hosted version of our spec file that is handled by AWS API Gateway and AWS WAF. The default behavior for the web application firewall is to block any requests that do not contain a user agent. So, the goal with this one is that a user agent header is passed when fetching the remote OpenAPI document.

Eerie Elements Issues

Or perhaps our open-source documentation tool, Elements, is more up your alley for Hacktoberfest. With Elements, you can build highly customized, interactive API Docs with embeddable web components generated from OpenAPI documents.

⚰️ Or–Go the Ruleset Route

If contributing to issues isn’t your thing, you can also add repositories and help us build out our marketplace of amazing rulesets! If you’ve created one that you want to contribute, drop it here.

Want to contribute to the Spectral OWASP Ruleset?

It’s also Cyber Security Month, which means security is as important as ever! If you have a bug or an idea for our OWASP Security Ruleset, browse the open issues before opening a new one. We currently have three issues open that could use some love this Hacktober!

Regardless of which community issues you choose to contribute to, know that we at Stoplight and the greater user community are extremely grateful! We’ll be working on these issues all month long as well, so we whole you’ll join our Hacktoberfest activities. You can join Hacktoberfest Discord to communicate with other developers and learn more about global Hacktoberfest activities. Happy Hacking!

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