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Being a part of the women in APIs community has opened my eyes to the fact that there is no single definition of a woman or women in tech or a woman in APIs. There's so much diversity, even under that one community, and everybody has a unique story to tell. -

Melissa Van Der Hecht, Women in APIs member and field CTO at Kong.

Organizations across industries are recognizing the power of diverse teams. Studies show that teams that have a more equitable gender balance are more creative, more resilient to change, more financially successful, and have higher engagement. Despite these benefits, in the tech industry, we still have a long way to go, especially when it comes to development roles in particular. According to a 2020 Global Software Developer Survey, the vast majority (91%) of developers identify as male.

A career in APIs has virtually unlimited potential across the globe, and our joint goal is to fuel a pipeline of talent that is as diverse and expansive as the software we create. That is why we at Stoplight have partnered with apidays on their Women in APIs program to showcase women who are breaking ground in the API space and inspiring a new generation of women in tech.

Watch our series launch below, and catch our regular global spotlights of women in APIs on our Youtube playlist.

"I think diversity is important anywhere, but especially within the API industry, because the point is to bring together different points of view. For example, when it comes to an API, it's a product in which you are thinking about unlocking the business potential that's not already there,"
Gabriela Alves, WIA member and product owner at Visma Nmbers. "You have to think outside of the box, and you need to think with different perspectives and incorporate all different points of view to be successful. And I think that can only be done through diversity, different people with different backgrounds working on the API."

Apidays helps organizations navigate complexity and accelerate their digital transformation. Their organization supports leaders with transitioning to API-led business and IT teams, adopting the most appropriate practices and technologies to realize the full potential from APIs, and with participating in the programmable economy. The Women in APIs program is focused on amplifying the voices of women across the globe that are behind some of the most complex, engaging, and in-demand APIs.

"I came across the Women in APIs community a year ago. I had an opportunity to be part of the GET /Speaking program. I learned a lot about self?confidence and how to help ensure that women have a stake in the conversations we're having about APIs," shares Div Manickam. Div is a WIA member and worldwide services marketing/portfolio management data center group director of Lenovo. "I wanted to give back to the community, and being a woman myself, I knew about some of the challenges that we have in this industry. This community creates a place where we can share our voices."


If you'd like to join the Women in APIs program, visit the website or catch Claire's spotlight below to learn more about the program. Subscribe to Stoplight's API Design blog for more Women in API spotlight videos or for other relevant news on the API industry.


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