Introducing Stoplight's New CEO

  • Marc MacLeod
    Marc MacLeod
    August 3 2020

Five years ago, I set off on a one-way road trip from Los Angeles to Austin, TX, to kick-off a new company - Stoplight - in the Techstars accelerator program. Every year since then has introduced new challenges and opportunities as we expanded both our product and customer base.

Our rapid growth has given us the exciting opportunity to more broadly tackle the end-to-end API lifecycle. This opportunity requires scale, and it became clear to me that now was a good time to search for an executive partner who could help us reach that next level.

That decision made, I set out to find someone who could level up the business while at the same time sharing my love for product. To that end, it’s my pleasure to introduce the newest member of the Stoplight team: CEO Steve Rodda.

Steve joins us from Cherwell Software, where he headed up R&D, Product Management, IT, Support, and Professional Services. As I got to know Steve, I quickly realized that he would be a great fit. His background is in technology, so we share a lot in common there. Steve has also operated at scale and brings a variety of experience that is complementary to my own.

As Steve transitions in, I will be moving into the Chief Product Officer role, where I’ll continue to drive our product efforts. On a personal level, I’m incredibly excited about this transition. This move will enable us to focus more on our product and allow me to spend more time with our customers and community.

Over the next year, you’ll see us greatly expanding our platform to meet the unique challenges our customers face, and expanding on our early market leadership in a new era of API design first. Onwards! 🚀

– Marc MacLeod, Stoplight Founder & Chief Product Officer

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