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Strategically assemble your dream team with Stoplight Teams!

Available for Pro and Enterprise plans, Workspace Teams make it easier for more users to collaborate on projects while giving administrators more confidence over access controls.

Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Lebron James are all great players, but what did they all have in common? They embarked on greatness because of their Team! And it’s even better when those teams are organized.

Now, your API designers may not be the next Lebron, and your documentation writers may not hit the court, but you can still reach all-star success across your API program with the right team management.

Is your organization looking to manage which users have access to Stoplight projects, as well as controlling project permissions? Look no further to learn how Teams works and how to customize them to suit your business needs.

Available for Pro and Enterprise plans, Workspace Teams make it easier for more users to collaborate on projects while giving administrators more confidence over access controls. Strategically assemble your dream team with Stoplight Teams!


With Teams, You Can...

  • Create teams that group together any number of workspace members
  • Add teams to projects instead of adding users individually
  • Control users' project permissions by setting team roles
  • Manage your members' access at scale

Streamline bulk user management and Remove Friction from the Development Process

teams example

Reduce cognitive load by organizing your team members in one place, allowing for easier discoverability and coordinating teams aligned with the project's core value. Stakeholders should be involved with creating projects, not pulling their hair out trying to assemble a team. Stop adding users one by one in the 21st century; instead, let Teams do the heavy lifting by streamlining bulk users into teams swiftly with a click of a button.

Promote collaboration

Enable cross-team collaboration. At Stoplight, we know how imperative Collaboration is to deliver great APIs. With the recent surge in remote work, it is now more important than ever to be able to “talk” to the right team members when developing APIs. Large organizations can now consume and share APIs with their stakeholders in an easy way. End users of APIs aren’t just developers; now, Product Managers, customer Support, and Design Managers also are involved and need to stay up to date on modifications.

Enhance Developer Experience

Developers should focus on building products that drive business value, not be burdened with non-business-value-add work like dealing with monitoring who can make changes to their workflows. With an easy setup for access and permissions, your team does not need to worry about having too many hands in the cookie jar. Only those granted permissions will be able to make necessary edits within the Team, decreasing lag and unintentional modifications to the development of your APIs. Improve your team's development process to make code more efficient and ready for production.

Fortify your Teams

When signing up for teams, you will have end-end control over who your key players are and who will be on the bench. Managing large teams possesses a unique set of challenges. At Stoplight, we understand that Teams need to maintain multiple projects so assigning ownership and permissions is vital to an organization's success when handling multiple API versions or projects. Assigning roles and permissions assist development in large teams and helps team members circumvent unwelcome changes.

teams screenshot

Get Started & Give Feedback

Workspace Teams are available to all Professional and Enterprise plans. For those Workspaces that were already leveraging Workspace Groups to manage access to Projects, some Teams have been automatically created to maintain your current access.

Learn more by logging into your Workspace or checking out our technical overview of Teams. Let’s help your API team make the varsity level! 🏆 It’s time to get back on the court and master that in-platform collaboration.

available for pro and enterprise only

You can also watch our webinar demo of Teams if you want to see the feature for yourself!


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