Stoplight’s New Integration Powered By Microsoft Azure DevOps Services

Bailey Gannett
by Bailey Gannett on September 8, 2022 2 min read

Stoplight, a leading API design company, announced a new integration with Microsoft Azure DevOps Services, to help developer teams and API program leaders enhance cross-functional collaboration, security, and governance.

“A focus on security and a seamless workflow for developers should be at the forefront of any API design. Adding Microsoft Azure DevOps Services as a Version Control System will provide a source of truth for our customers to move forward, and we look forward to collaborating with Microsoft,” shares Jason Harmon, Chief Technology Officer at Stoplight.

With Microsoft Azure DevOps Services and Stoplight, users can integrate API design and development into existing workflows. Users will be able to use Microsoft Azure DevOps Services as a version control system (VCS), ensuring a second layer of security for their team while also being able to provide account authentication.

This integration will allow for an improved Version Control System and authentication for developers using Stoplight. Seamlessly integrate your existing workflows and continue to build and deploy easier. Azure DevOps Services will allow you to host your code while seamlessly integrating with most leading tools on the market. Learn more about how to use the ADOS feature by visiting their blog.

In addition to being a leader in API Design in the G2 2022 Summer reports, Stoplight has experienced a year of record growth and honors, including multiple user-driven recognitions and being recognized as a 2021 Austin A-List winner. Check out the Product Roadmap to learn more about what’s coming down the line next.

About Stoplight

Stoplight is a global application programming interface (API) technology company offering a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform and open-source tools to design quality APIs and build scalable API programs. Stoplight’s collaborative cloud tools are built with purpose for a design-first approach, with reusable components to deliver quicker time to market and more business value. Stoplight is remote-first and based in Austin, TX. To learn more, visit our press page or follow us on Twitter @stoplightio.

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