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Bailey Gannett
by Bailey Gannett on March 10, 2021 5 min read

If you would like to be a part of this amazing team, we invite you to check out our careers page to learn more.

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What initially started as International Women’s Day on March 8 in 1909 soon evolved into an entire Women’s History month by 1987 in the United States. This year’s theme for International Women’s Day earlier in the week was “Choose to Challenge,” evoking the thought that a challenged world is an alert world and that each of us individually is responsible for our actions every day when it comes to calling out gender bias and inequality to create a more inclusive world.

As a part of the tech community, we at Stoplight recognize that there is still a long way to go toward greater equality, inclusion, and equity for women in the tech space, and the COVID-19 pandemic hindered progress even further. According to 2021 research by TrustRadius, “78% of women in tech feel they have to work harder than their coworkers to prove their worth.” This research and similar studies also revealed that the COVID-19 pandemic hit women in tech twice as hard as men when it came to job loss or being furloughed.

That is why we are taking the time to celebrate Women’s History Month by recognizing the hardworking women we have here at Stoplight and their impact on the growing API community. We are grateful for the work they have done and will continue to do as our teams continue to grow.

Meet Some Women of Stoplight

Women of Stoplight

Ann Boyd, Chief Marketing Officer

Overseeing our sales and marketing efforts, Ann Boyd has been at the intersection of technology and change management throughout her career. Whether she was working in media and analyst relations for Microsoft’s server software and first eBooks, or at AOL, witnessing society’s collective adaptation to rapid technological transformation, she’s been fascinated by the ability of technology to push us forward. Since moving with her husband and two kids from California to Colorado, Ann most recently has been Vice President of Communications for Rubrik and Cherwell Software before joining Stoplight. Fun Fact: Ann is a member of the Forbes Communication Council and proud owner of a hairless cat.

Bailey Gannett, Communications Manager

Bailey is our newest teammate at Stoplight, focusing on increasing Stoplight’s brand awareness to the world of API developers through our corporate and social media channels. Previously, Bailey was a senior communications specialist in the nonprofit world and also has B2B technology experience from her time at Cherwell Software, specializing in social media, corporate employee communications, and Corporate Social Responsibility. She graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder with a degree in Strategic Communication and a minor in leadership. Fun Fact: Whether llama packing, skiing, or hiking; Bailey is an avid outdoor enthusiast who climbed her first fourteener at age five.

Chelsea Hohmann, Engineering Team Lead

Chelsea has been a part of the Stoplight family for two and a half years, serving as our engineering team lead based in Austin. Before joining Stoplight, Chelsea was a full-stack engineer at Applause and National Instruments. Chelsea is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with a bachelor’s in business administration, management information systems, and supply chain management. Fun Fact: Chelsea once played soccer against the U20 Mexican National Team!

Jenn Junod, Sales Enablement Manager

Self-described “Jenn of all trades,” Jenn shines a light on how to solve problems and communicate with our community to truly convey Stoplight’s story effectively. Jenn Junod came to Stoplight in January 2021 as the Sales Enablement Manager on the marketing team and currently resides in Colorado. Though, she’s moved close to 34 times throughout her life! Jenn is responsible for ensuring our sales team is properly equipped with training, providing the right materials and content to communicate the Stoplight journey. Previously, she was a digital project manager at Pro One Media Productions and before that, an International Communication/Incentives Project Manager at GoDaddy. Fun Fact: Although horrible at trivia, Jenn is an ace at refurbishing furniture.

Paula Tulis, Software Engineer

Based in Austin, Paula joined the Stoplight team as a software engineer back in 2019, and today is focused on making our Stoplight Studio product a delightful experience for users. She was previously an account management operations analyst at The Muse, as well as a customer advocate at Atlassian before that. Paula graduated from American University and also completed the Full Stack Web Development program at the Flatiron School. Fun Fact: Paula used to be a yoga teacher.

Kristen White, Marketing & Communications Specialist

Kristen joined Stoplight in 2019 as part of the growth department and has since moved over to the marketing team. Currently, Kristen is responsible for the Stoplight newsletter our users receive each month and is a critical component in advancing our marketing efforts. Kristen graduated from the Front-End Web Development program at General Assembly in January 2020, with the goal of getting a better understanding of the developer experience. Previously, she’s been in business and sales development at Austin-based technology companies. Fun Fact: Kristen is a native Texan and dog lover.

Tamina Zaheri, Account Executive

Many describe Tamina as a powerhouse, and she’s a self-described optimistic go-getter, paving the way for enterprise sales in the API space. Tamina joined the Stoplight team in 2019 and was previously the strategy and corporate development associate and the growth lead for customer experience at Aceable. Tamina got her start by taking an alternative route, dropping out of college, and joining an entrepreneurial bootcamp that helped her break into the startup world. She currently resides in Austin as well, guiding teams into the future of API design, development, and strategy. Fun Fact: She once traveled across Germany for two weeks with a single backpack!

We’re Hiring

If you would like to be a part of this amazing team, we invite you to check out our careers page to learn more. We would love to add even more women in tech to our growing organization.



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