Thank you to all who celebrated Open-Source October with us! We asked our teammates and the community to complete pull requests on our Prism, Spectral, and Elements open-source tools in exchange for 400 trees planted per pull request. And boy, did you all deliver!

We are pleased to share that with 25 pull requests completed, we will be planting a total of 10,000 trees in our Ecologi Forest this giving season. That brings us to a total of 23,253 trees planted and 25 months spent as a climate-positive workforce, offsetting 1,867.91t of carbon reduction. These 10,000 trees will be planted in Mozambique as a part of their reforestation efforts. Historically home to vast mangrove estuaries and forests, Mozambique’s forests have been largely decimated and destroyed due to intensive tree-cutting for firewood and charcoal.

Here at Stoplight, we continue to support carbon offsetting and protecting the environment. We aim to be a place that supports not just the tech community but also the greater global community. Mindfulness is one of the core tenets of our value system at Stoplight, and partnering with Ecologi is one of the ways we could practice mindfulness of our impact on the world. Ecologi is a subscription platform that individuals, families, and businesses can use to scale global climate action.

Shout out to all the Stoplight teammates and community members that completed eight pull requests in Elements, six Prism pull requests, and 12 Spectral pull requests during the month of October. Contributing to open-source development is one of the best ways to improve your developer skills, give back to the tech community, and create great products. If you would like to contribute to our open-source tools or use them for your API linting, mocking, or documentation needs, visit our website to learn more. 

In the spirit of the holiday season, please click below if you would like to donate more trees to our Stoplight Ecologi forest and help us combat climate change. 

Plant Trees! 


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