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  • Anna Daugherty
    Anna Daugherty
    March 29 2022
The new Style Guide Projects feature is now available in preview mode for new workspaces. If you have a Professional or Enterprise level account, contact us to learn more. Read this documentation to learn more about Style Guide Projects here.

We’ve collected the best style guideline resources from across the web in one convenient place. Use these resources to plan out your next style guide for your organization’s API program. 

Check back in a few weeks for news about an exciting new Stoplight feature available soon to create, share, and enforce API style guides, right within your workflow. Get on the email list for upcoming API Style Guide feature updates or join our Discord community to get the latest news.

Some Food for Thought

Here is a collection of thoughtful articles that explore the strategic need for API guidelines.

Author: James Higginbotham

In this article, James details what makes a great API style guide, how to avoid mistakes, and techniques to more easily achieve consistency.

Author: Ronnie Mitra

A fascinating look at how user interface design practices should shape your API designs. 

An accessible little article about the need for style guides. I like this writer’s voice.

Author: Jason Harmon

Explore a quick history of how API style guides came to be.

Get Into the Weeds

These more in-depth references will help give you a basic understanding of API guidelines and best practices for what to include. 

Author: Anna Daugherty, Stoplight

Author: Mahesh Haldar

Author: Matt Heusser

Author: JJ Geewax

Author: Mark Masse

Examples of API Guidelines

Find a huge selection of real-world API style guides in the links below; these come in handy when creating your own guidelines. 

Author: Arnaud Lauret

Author: Erik Wilde

Non-API Related Resources

These links share best practices about style guides in general, the inspiration for API guidelines. And who knows, you just might get inspired by reading them!

Author: Nic Evans

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