How Signing a Software Development Partnership Will Benefit Your Business

Yauhen Zaremba
by Yauhen Zaremba on November 1, 2022 8 min read

This applies to all kinds of companies, regardless of their size, location, and industry. Does this mean, then, that you have to start hiring and training an army of in-house tech experts? Not necessarily.

In fact, these days, more and more businesses are opting for outsourced IT services. They simply search for a great software development partner, sign a deal with them, and let them expertly and effectively handle their technology landscape.

Does this sound like something that your company might be interested in? If so, keep reading this article to find out why partnering with a software development specialist is the way forward in our digital age, and beyond.

Understanding Software Development Partnerships

Before we jump into the topic of software development partnerships, it’s important to understand clearly what a software development partner is. When we talk about software development partners, we refer to an IT company or specialist who can support your company to achieve specific business goals through outsourced IT services.

Whether you want to build an app, launch a new software product, or engage in another type of technical project, the right software partner can be an invaluable source of help. This brings us to the concept of a “software development partnership”.

This is a collaboration between a software company or specialist and a company operating in a different industry that needs assistance with a technical project. Through this partnership, you effectively hand over the technology aspect of your business to an experienced third party who is expected to deliver specific results.

Software development partnerships, just like more generic types of outsourced IT services partnerships, have a range of advantages for businesses of all shapes and sizes but can be particularly suited to small and medium companies.

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What Are the Benefits for a Business?

The benefits that a software development partnership can bring to a business are many, but here we will be focusing on the main five.

1. Access and Deploy Best-in-Class Tech Talent and Tools

How amazing would it be if you could always deploy the best technology tools whenever you need them? Or if you could always access the right tech experts and talent to assist you throughout challenging times? Frustratingly, though, achieving this by yourself requires a hefty investment in both capital and people.

With a software development partner, you can do all this (and more) in a much more reasonably-priced, convenient, and sustainable way. The partners you choose already have all the expertise you need, which helps you to access the best tech solutions for your needs (such as API), when you need them.

2. Minimize Potential Risks

Another crucial, yet often overlooked, benefit of joining forces with a software development partner is that they are going to be extremely objective and unbiased when it comes to reviewing and assessing your project.

The bottom line? If they believe that the way you have outlined the project, or how you want to handle it, might pose some serious risks to either the project itself or the company as a whole, they will let you know.

This new kind of awareness is incredibly important because it can spare you a catastrophic failure further down the line – and the even more devastating aftermath that it may generate.

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3. Free up Time and Resources for Strategic Activities

You might be quite familiar with most current technology systems, but can you say for sure that you will always have the time and resources to keep up with the ever-evolving (and complex) world of tech while at the same time keeping your core business steady?

If you are finding that looking after specific IT projects is taking up too much of your time and eating into your margins, then it’s time to look into a software development partnership. These professionals specialize in staying up-to-speed with all the latest and greatest technology advancements, which means you don’t have to worry about keeping up with them yourself but can instead go back to focusing on what matters most to your business.

4. Speed Up Time-to-Market

Say you have a fantastic idea for a new app, piece of software, or tech solution that you genuinely believe will take your target market by storm. Spurred by the exciting promises of such a great idea, you start trying to bring your concept to life.

Soon, though, you realize that it is taking you way too much time and way too many resources to achieve it in a way that makes commercial sense. This is because you don’t have the right tech skills and knowledge in-house, which might make you miss the perfect window of opportunity to launch what you were expecting to be “the next big thing”.

And here’s where a software development partner comes in. By knowing exactly how to turn your vision into a solid reality, these experts can help you design, develop, and deliver ground-breaking tech products in a fraction of the time, helping you to capitalize on their commercial potential.

5. Save Money

Do you think that, perhaps, you might get away with hiring a few key staff, such as a product manager, to help you with a technology project? Then you might need to know that the hiring process itself, coupled with all the required training and support, will end up costing you a lot more money than your budget likely allows.

On the other hand, teaming up with a software development partner is a lot less expensive as it enables you to access specific expertise only at specific times, while at the same time cutting operational costs, labor costs, and more.

A Solid Software Development Partnership: Three Steps to Get Started

Just as you would do with a commercial proposal, signing a software development partnership requires you to follow a series of specific steps. Below we are going to highlight the three main things that you will need to consider before you start collaborating with your new software development partner.

1. Review and Establish Your Needs

Selecting the right software development partner is a delicate, sometimes lengthy, process that requires you to establish your current and future needs and review the project in its entirety before you are ready to begin.

Write down lists that factor in your requirements, your goals, your challenges, and any other benchmarks and selection criteria that you think are relevant. This will enable you to gain a clear view of your project, after which you will be ready to start reviewing, comparing, and assessing different software development partners and decide which one works best for you.

2. Get Your Entire Team on Board

Team collaboration is a fundamental part of every successful project and is just as crucial when you are about to choose your software development partner. If your partner will be responsible for building a specific product that a certain group of people within your company is going to use the most, then you need to make sure that those people are on board.

New products often mean new ways of working and new ways of working – if not handled correctly – can scare, frustrate, and overwhelm employees. Remember to keep your team up-to-date with progress, organize training sessions, and let them know that support is always available.

3. Select the Appropriate Tools and Tech

Just as you would choose the best software program for your release of liability template, you want to select the right tech tools for specific projects in your pipeline. When you know what type of technology you might need, you can narrow down your partner search by only reviewing those software developers who have proven experience and success in those specific technologies.

Make Your Next Software Development Partnership a Success

If you currently don’t have the right tech skills to carry out a specific project, launch a new product, build an app, or anything of this nature, then outsourcing your tech to an expert provider is a no-brainer.

A software development partnership can help you to bring your products to market faster, in a more affordable way, and by using the right technology for your needs. Use the tips in our guide to select the best partner for you, and enjoy the fruitful results of what could become one of the most strategic collaborations for your business.

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