How to Get Partners for Your APIs

  • Anna Daugherty
    Anna Daugherty
    May 27 2022

In my last post on this topic, I covered the benefits of partnerships and ways to enable a strong partnership through APIs.

But how do you even get started if you have a small start-up or a new idea? How can you find help to get your API off the ground? Here are some ways to get partners for your API projects, all with examples from some of the best in the industry.

Just Ask.

Okay, this step might seem silly. But hear me out.

People may be willing to help you if you ask for it. That is if your idea is good enough and they can also benefit from it. 

The benefit can be as simple as joint promotion and posting about each other on social media or as in-depth as public relations, integration opportunities, and revenue sharing. But be sure to clearly highlight the benefits in your request for a partnership in formal agreements.

Set up a solid partnership landing page with program details, requirements, benefits, and an easy way to apply. Join and engage with API communities and start building interest in your offerings. Places like Reddit, Discord, LinkedIn, and API marketplaces are all great ways to get exposure.

Here are great examples of partner pages that clearly spell out what you get from joining their partner programs: 

Make it Easy.

Provide quick start guides, documentation, and actual support from human beings if needed. The easier your partner API is to connect with, the more likely it will be adopted and used. 

Check out these examples of excellent documentation from organizations that have made it simple to join their partner programs:

Additionally, you can also make it easier on your potential partners by providing a kit of all relevant things they may need to know or have access to. Include your relevant links, where to find you on social media, important documentation, an overview of your product, and other helpful pieces to ensure a partnership can be as plug-and-play as possible. 

Offer Certification.

In addition to the standard documentation and get started guides, a certification is a guided set of educational materials, often in video and written format, that walk users through the partner API. Then, at the end of the training, the user receives a certification that they can use on their own websites, social media, press, resumes, business materials, and more.

This is obviously a more advanced offering and can be easier said than done. Good education is difficult and perhaps costly to produce, but it can help you spread the word about your program while also ensuring that your partners are 100% ready to take on your API. It’s a win-win. 

These folks are doing a great job with their API certification programs:

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