Stoplight and Microsoft Azure DevOps Services Deep Dive

Parin Shah
by Parin Shah on September 8, 2022 2 min read

Stoplight now supports the cloud offering Azure DevOps Services! Collaborate better, promote consistency, and bring your APIs to market faster. Azure DevOps Services will allow your team to have reliable and scalable APIs on this newly supported hosted service.

At Stoplight, we believe that security and compliance should be at the forefront of any API design. Adding Azure DevOps Services as a Version Control System will provide a source of truth. Supplementary to security this new integration will generate workflows without obstruction, a history of the changes being made, automate tasks, and promote collaboration among your developers.

Seamlessly integrate your existing workflows and continue to build and deploy easier. Azure DevOps Services will allow you to host your code while seamlessly integrating with most leading tools on the market.

What are the benefits?

Gartner predicts that by 2022, “API attacks will become the most frequent attack vector,” and there have been several high-profile data breaches over the past year.

An additional benefit to this integration is users can now optimize Azure DevOps Services as a Version Control System while also being able to provide account authentication as a login method.

Version control helps your team see changes that occurred over time as well as how to track down bugs and possibly go back to the previous version of your code if needed. Users can use Azure DevOps Services Version Control for projects you edit with Stoplight, reinforcing governance and collaboration for your team while also decreasing the number of login/password combinations that users can potentially have compromised. In addition, it permits you to use your existing Azure DevOps Services security policies to control access to your code repositories.

Check out the below video for a walkthrough of how to enable Azure DevOps Services in your Stoplight Workspace.

Once enabled, see below for what it looks like to have ADOS in your Workspace Settings. stoplight-ados-workspace-settings-2

Stoplight is thrilled with this new integration; you can learn more about the new Azure DevOps Services integration here.

We are excited to see the new changes and are committed to improving the Stoplight platform with the help of your suggestions. This feature was driven by your roadmap requests. Help make Stoplight work for you by submitting your top requests at

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