Recent Release Roundup: Fall 2022

Parin Shah
by Parin Shah on November 7, 2022 3 min read

Sharp-witted readers may have noticed that there were tons of releases being deployed these past few months, all thanks to you! Stoplight was motivated by our users' responses to strive to make our platform the one-stop shop for your API Design program!

If you weren’t paying attention, however, this Fall roundup is for you! The intention for this roundup is to shed light on vital releases, and while I have the floor, I'd like to shout out a few distinguished enhancements and features the team rolled out.

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At Stoplight, we believe implementing common rules and guardrails related to API standards and security policies for APIs is essential.

Style Guide Projects

  • Stoplight’s Style Guides add consistency, reusability, and easy governance to your API program. Style guides contain rules that help you govern versioning, filtering, error formats, naming conventions, pagination, and more. Get the latest updates on our upcoming public style guide releases here; you can also read more about them in our documentation.

style guides example

Spell Check Your APIs

  • You can now enforce a set of rules around spelling on API titles, summaries, and descriptions when you embed our Spell Check Public Style Guide! Your stakeholders can also personalize the rules to add words to the “ignore” list.. ie: JSON 🙂 To read more on our public spell check style guide, check out our documentation here.

spell check example


  • Customer feedback doesn’t go unnoticed, and at Stoplight our team understood that collaboration, governance, and the ability to review changes during the process change were critical components for a successful API program. With proposals, you can automatically surface in-flight API design and documentation changes across all Git-connected projects in your workspace!

proposals example

Proposals facilitate oversight & governance within your API program by:

  • Increasing Visibility: The proposals screen provides a single point of access that surfaces all in-flight API Design and Documentation changes across the Git-connected projects in your workspace.
  • Mitigating Risk: Proposals highlight potentially breaking changes to your API. Learn more about the Proposals experience in our documentation here.


Import Postman Collections

  • You can now import a Postman Collection file from your local computer directly into Stoplight Studio. This is a great way to create an OpenAPI specification file for existing APIs, improve its documentation, and collaborate with other teams on API design. Learn more about Postman Collections in our documentation here.

postman example

Azure DevOps Services

  • Last quarter, we announced an integration with Microsoft Azure DevOps Services. Users will now be able to import Git repositories from their Azure DevOps Services accounts into Stoplight. At Stoplight, we believe that security and compliance should be at the forefront of any API design. Adding Azure DevOps Services as a Version Control System will provide a source of truth. To learn more about this integration, check out our docs here!

API Design

Image Hosting for Private Git Repositories

  • You can now have a private Git repository connected to a public Stoplight project, and all image files will be displayed for any user accessing your public documentation portal. Stoplight now creates a copy of images in your private Git repositories and displays that copy in any Markdown articles where they're used. You can keep your Git repository private and not have to worry about uploading images to external services! Learn more about Image Hosting for Private Git Repositories here.

Improved JSON Schema Editor

  • The team has made enhancements to refine the data modeling experience. The JSON Schema Editor helps you design and model data structures used by your API. You will now be able to create API request and response bodies for API endpoints. If you would like to read more, check out the documentation here.

JSON schema example

Leave Your Feedback!

Recently, our focus has been on improving platform performance and delivering better user experience, all based on your feedback from places like G2 and the Stoplight Discord community.

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