Stoplight Release Roundup

  • Anna Daugherty
    Anna Daugherty
    August 12 2021

Sometimes you just need to take a step back and reflect. 

I’m a relatively new face around Stoplight. But since I joined the team in March 2021, the Stoplight engineering, product, marketing, and support teams have leveled up with a shared goal. That goal is to provide tools and features that you want to use and that make designing and documenting APIs an easier, more fruitful process.

That’s why I’m proud to share that this roundup of our most recent features and releases represents about 400 customer insights directly from our roadmap, with around 100 of them marked as critical. 

Your voice matters. Here’s how we’ve listened and delivered:

For our Open-Source Supporters:

  • Open Source API Documentation: You can build highly customized, interactive API Docs generated from OpenAPI with Stoplight Elements. Use the open-source Elements tool, or integrate beautiful, automated, and interactive API reference documentation directly into your workflow via Stoplight Platform. 
  • Spectral v6: We made it easier than ever to create excellent style guides with the biggest update to Spectral, our open-source API linting tool. Featuring OAS 3.1 support, improved ruleset creation, and validation, ESLint-like overrides, better custom function support, and cleaner code, Spectral v6 is a crucial tool to help govern your API program.

Level-up with Stoplight Platform:

    • OpenAPI 3.1 Support We’ve enabled all of our Stoplight Platform tools to accept OpenAPI 3.1 documents including in Stoplight Platform, Studio, Prism, Spectral, and all documentation, giving you the freedom to explore the latest major OpenAPI release.
    • Easier Workspace Admin Settings - Enjoy an improved Workspace projects list screen with easier-to-navigate settings. You can now filter and sort projects and member lists, making them easier to use when there’s a large number of projects and members.
    • Internal Endpoints and Models - When designing an API, you may have items that are not ready or not meant to be shown to the public. Now, you can hide internal models and endpoints from public documentation while your team can still see them in your Stoplight workspace.
    • Reorder JSON Schema Properties Reorder properties in the JSON Schema editor with a simple hover and click. Quickly and easily reorder your properties for faster editing in Stoplight Studio.
    • Real-time Collaboration in Studio - Cut out friction from asynchronous feedback on your API designs. Get immediate feedback on your shared workspace in Stoplight Studio. And with unlimited version history, get a complete view of all of your changes without having to hunt them down.
    • Support for X-Extensions in Studio - A simple form editor allows you to add x-extensions to a valid location within an OpenAPI or JSON Schema document. This makes your OpenAPI or JSON Schema go even further.  

For your Documentation needs: 

  • Easy Redirects: Never worry about broken links in your documentation. Now you can move documentation pages without breaking old links. In Stoplight Platform, you can configure redirect rules for paths on your Workspace's custom domain. This feature is available on the Stoplight Starter plan, and above.
  • Images hosted by Stoplight - Bring your Docs to life. Easily add images to your documentation with a simple drag and drop that automatically creates image markdown. 
  • Mermaid Diagrams: Easily embed Mermaid diagrams directly within your markdown articles for more robust documentation.
  • Localize Support: Localize offers powerful solutions for automating the translation of web, backend, mobile, and file-based content, saving you time and money with tools and libraries that your developers will love. This integration is now available for Stoplight Pro plans and above. 


Remember, none of this would be possible without your support and feedback. Visit and tell us what to release next!

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