Recent Release Roundup - Spring 2022

  • Anna Daugherty
    Anna Daugherty
    April 22 2022

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Stoplight Roadmap

Yee-haw! The last time I shared one of these release roundup posts, those features represented around 400 customer insights. Recently, our focus has been on improving platform performance and delivering a better user experience, all based on your feedback from places like G2 and the Stoplight Discord community.

Recent Releases

Performance Improvements

Stoplight is only useful if it’s working fast and reliably! Here are some recent features and enhancements to the platform’s performance.

Faster Git Cloning

You’ve provided feedback that the time it took to clone repositories was too slow. So, we made changes and moved operations out of the browser and onto the server. We successfully cut the time it takes to perform these operations down by two-thirds, speeding up your git cloning experience. Read more here.

Reaching Engineering Predictability

For the past few months, we’ve been working to deliver higher quality features and enhancements more quickly and reliably. Read more here.

Scalability Improvements

Our team rolled out scalability and performance improvements to web projects due to increased usage. These changes will cut down on errors and timeouts as well as improve the speed and stability when editing web projects. 

Better User Experience

Your user experience matters. With major help from our Product Design team, here are some recent improvements to the ways you can use Stoplight for project and user management and documentation.

Groups Refresh

Group your projects by theme, type, audience, or internal vs. external use. And now after some recent UX enhancements, you can more easily see, manage, and explore project groups within the Projects tab in Stoplight. Learn more about Groups here.

Stable Page IDs

We’ve rolled out an update that transitions to a more stable way of generating the identifiers that are used in docs URLs. The update gives you more control over these identifiers and will be resilient to file system reorganization. All old URLs will still work and are transparently redirected. 

Now you can safely re-organize the files in your project without worrying about breaking or changing the docs URLs. This may seem like a simple change, but having stable page IDs will save a ton of hassle for your documentation (and your SEO strategy).

Upcoming Releases

Style Guide Projects

Easily share and apply standards across your API Designs to provide consistency, reusability, and better governance in your API program. Integrate error and validation checks directly into your API design workflow. This brand new feature is now available in Pro and Enterprise plans for new workspaces only. Stay tuned for more and check out the documentation here.

Azure DevOps Services

Stoplight already supports Azure DevOps Server (TFS 2018), but does not yet support the cloud version called Azure DevOps Services. We're looking to change that! Keep tabs on the roadmap entry here.

Lifecycle Stages

Lifecycle stages will streamline the collaborative design workflow, giving users a way to indicate the design or development stage of their APIs. These stages will lead to easier discoverability, more productive feedback and review sessions, and better API design management at a glance.

Service Accounts

Service Accounts are a special type of account, generally representing a non-user, that teams or organizations can use to manage authentication and permissions with 3rd-party services. Creating a service account in your Git provider and using that in Stoplight can help:

  • Prevent any sync issues in case a user is removed from your organization by accident or leaves your organization
  • Allow users without Git accounts to contribute to projects in Stoplight
  • Limit the scope of access and reduce security risks for IT admins
  • Ensure that the connection between your team’s repositories and Stoplight is not tied to an individual user account

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